Our Board Officers:


Steve Ditto (Board President)


Les Herman (Vice President)


Kathy Coffman  (Treasurer)


Our Board Members:

Don Bisbee

Tera L. Bisbee 


Nate Cook


Bobbie Freeman

Yolanda Ikard Holman


JoAnn Johnson  

David Perry



Administrative Staff


Jeremy Wente,LCSW

Executive Director



Paulette Jobe, LCSW

Clinical Director



Gail Andrews

Shelter Director



Brenda Allen

Business Manager


Wanda Wade 

Data Entry


Mid-Del Youth and Family Center is a member of OAYS (Oklahoma Association of Youth Services) a statewide organization that supports agencies throughout Oklahoma.  For further information regarding OAYS checkout the website at www.OAYS.org.


Mid-Del Youth and Family Center is also nationally accredited agency through CARF. You can learn more about CARF atwww.carf.org.

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Mission Statement

 Empowering Youth, Families, and Communities 

to develop, strengthen, and promote 

relationships in building brighter futures 



Our History
Mid-Del Youth and Family Center, Inc. is a youth, family, and community service agency founded and sponsored by Midwest City and Del City in 1971.  The agency was formed under the laws of the State of Oklahoma as a private not-for-profit, qualifying as a section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code.  Mid-Del Youth and Family Center continues to have strong relationships with both Midwest City and Del City primarily serving youth and families living in these areas.  Mid-Del Youth and Family Center serves the community through 3 main services areas including prevention education, counseling, and children's shelter.  We measure our services through our goals to be client-centered, cost effective, continually improving, and providing quality services.

Our Board Officers
Steve Ditto, President - Les Herman, Vice President  

Our Board Members 
Tera Bisbee - Don Bisbee - JoAnn Johnson - David Perry - Nate Cook 
Bobbie Freeman - Yolanda Ikard Holman

Darla Cheek, Executive Director - Darla@mid-delyouth.org
Paulette Jobe, LCSW, Clinical Director - Pjobe@mid-delyouth.org
Gail Ashley Andrews, Shelter Director - Gail@mid-delyouth.org
Wanda Wade, Data Manager - Wwade@mid-delyouth.org